We're continuing Music Together Online this winter! Join us for weekly musical fun in the Zoom Room, or sign up for our new on-demand classes (Mixed-Age only), and enjoy music class at your family's convenience. A virtual community of family music-makers awaits!

Babies Classes Online

Interactive Music Classes for New Parents

Babies Classes
Babies up to 9 months, with adults


Your little one was born ready to make music! In this special class for parents with babies under 9 months old, you'll learn lots of fun, interactive music activities that will support your child's growth in multiple areas, including physical, socio-emotional, language, and early brain development. Your teacher, an expert in early childhood musical development from infancy, will also share ideas for how music can help you get through your day. And, you'll join a community of other parents who are just as sleep-deprived as you! The best part? There is no screen time for your little one.

No Screen Time for Baby!

In Babies Classes Online, your teacher will guide you to position your infant so they are looking at YOU, not the screen. You will follow the teacher while your baby watches you, and you will leave each class inspired to make each day more musical.


All Music Together® classes use our award-winning music, loved by children and grownups alike. (Some of our parents have even been caught singing along when their children aren't around!) Listen to samples of a few favorites, plus download our "Hello Everybody" app to hear eight free, full-length songs.

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"My baby's eyes light up at the first note of Hello Song! The program format with tips on how to introduce your baby to music worked really well for our non-musical little family. And actually, after taking the class I realize we are a musical family!"


"The infant class has been a wonderful way for me to bond with my baby. She just started shaking eggs and playing drums at home--really shows how babies are born music makers!"